The Harkenburg Build Server is home to a variety of projects, all hosted and ran by their own Project Manager. Each project is independent from Harkenburg, the only commonality between all of them is that they are hosted on the same Harkenburg Build Server.

Hosted Projects »

The Loop - Chicago Project

Started in 2016 and currently lead by Aa60665, this is a replica of the infamous Chicago "Loop" recreated at a 1:1 scale in Minecraft.

Portland Project

An Australlian inspired, completely original city. This project is manned by Blax(rest of username) more details here.

Toronto Replica

Managed by Cooth, this project takes a fresh stance on replicating the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada using a 1:1 scale.

Kansas City Replica

Turning next to Kansas City, this project managed by greenviceroy is a 1:1 scale replica of Kansas City, MO in the United States

Gatlin City Project

Gatlin City is a fictional city managed by Neil. The city is set in (info) and was started in (year)

Server Information »

Server Hardware »

The Harkenburg Build Server is hosted on a dedicated machine rented through Pebblehost, a UK based hosting provider that offers a wide range of services. While Pebblehost offers several pricing tiers for Minecraft servers with multiple configurations, Harkenburg is hosted on one of their dedicated server plans. There are numerous benefits to renting a dedicated machine over a traditional Minecraft server. A dedicated machine gives you more performance, control over your server, and access to a larger storage space. The server itself is located in Coventry, UK, but is accessible anywhere in the world through a remote desktop client.

While this hardware is overkill for a server community of this small size, the dedicated server serves many other functions beyond hosting the Harkenburg Build Server. It runs unrelated websites, email servers, and several other unrelated Minecraft servers. All done through Windows Server 2019, which provides a familiar and easy to use graphical interface while using the Remote Desktop Function. And also, Blue has a good deal of fun messing around and pushing the hardware to its limits.