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Welcome to the Harkenburg Minecraft Project homepage. As you can see, this website is a little bare. This website is currently under construction. As of now, this homepage is using the old site layout I had planned, but work has begun on the Server Hosted Projects page of this website and progress will branch out from there. Check out the new design with the link below.

Server Hosted Projects Page

Since this website is under active development, I appreciate your patience through this process. I promise, it'll look stunning when complete. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and nor was this website.

Thanks for the understanding, -Bluecolty

If you're looking for a download of the Harkenburg Texture Pack, head to https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/harkenburg-city-texture-pack/ for the official download links until I find time to customize the Texture Pack page with downloads and more fun info.

Server Hosted Projects

The Harkenburg Build Server is home to many interesting and unique projects. These Minecraft City projects are not related to Harkenburg City, but they've found their home on the build server. Check them out with the link below.
Server Hosted Projects Page